Our Approach

We use a hybrid algorithm+analyst approach to calculate dividend forecast data for over 32,000 securities globally.

‘Hybrid’ = ‘best of both worlds’: the key to both our fast growth and sustained success.

Our tech is the most modern, cutting-edge system possible, developed from scratch since 2016 using the latest approaches and unaffected by legacy issues (or people).
Our analysts average dozens of years of experience, with a total focus on markets, companies, and predicting their dividends.
Together this is “the best of human and machine intelligence combined” - and this innovation is our unfair advantage.

How it works

Working with our partner EDI, we receive their global corporate actions dataset 4x daily into our system. This contains every publicly listed company in the world - and for each we have all dividend payment history, all recent dividend declarations, plus other relevant data fields (ticker changes, mergers and acquisitions etc.).

Using our initial five years’ experience (2011 - 2016) of manual dividend forecasting, we created our proprietary algorithm to apply itself to this underlying dataset - reviewing what has happened before and projecting forwards.

The algorithm automates a huge number of calculations, enabling accuracy at scale, and delivering instant responses to new input data. 

Our London and New York based analysts work with the algorithm - accessed via our internal ‘priority system’ - to review specific estimates. In some cases they will review and manually overwrite, in other cases they will review and leave as-is.

EDI Woodseer
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With so much of the ‘heavy lifting’ handled by our tech, our London and New York based analysts are able to focus more efficiently on three key areas:

  1. Reviewing edge-cases where the algorithm requires manual review of estimates if certain criteria are not met
  2. Scheduled reviewing of soon-anticipated dividend payments and the most important securities
  3. Responding to client questions re specific predictions received via our support system

The result is a highly-structured and machine-readable dataset that offers strong accuracy, global coverage, low-latency updating and flexible delivery.   

To read more about our forecast methodology we’re happy to share our Algorithm Methodology Document with you on request.

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Data Output

Ultimately it is our data that clients repeat buy - along with the benefits this brings them.

You can download a sample of our forecasts below, or let us know if you have a specific index or portfolio for which you’d like to see our current estimates.


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