Alternative Data & Dividend Forecasting

July 27, 2021

From time to time we're asked if our dividend estimate data makes us an "alternative data" provider - the answer is, well, sort of.

Projecting dividend dates is not new - nor is the type of data we sell. But, the hybrid algo+analyst we adopted in 2016 was an innovation in how this type of predictive data is created - and it was for sure an alternative way of doing this.

The rise of alt-data - there are hundreds of new providers coming online each year - is an exciting occurrence providing a lot of opportunity for those with the time and resources to explore. Some would argue there is too much opportunity... is a decent place to start exploring. Started over 5 years ago, this free directory has grown to offer something for everyone.

Pure play vendors (like us) sit alongside sellers of 'exhaust data' from large corporations, but the numbers on here are starting to look a little out of date.

The three key players sewing the ecosystem together for the past 5+ years are Battlefin, Eagle Alpha and Neudata.

Each of these offers data discovery conferences, directories and expert advice (for both buyers and vendors).

Increasingly they're attempting to reduce the trialling bottleneck through offering their own sandbox platforms - and our own data (however alternative it might be) is featured on all three.