Corona Self-Isolation Dividends in the UK

March 19, 2020

Monitoring dividends at fast pace

We noticed the first amends / cuts to dividends in the UK yesterday morning (Wednesday 18th March).

These came sooner and more suddenly than we might have expected and they speak to the severity and the speed with which things are changing due to the Covid 19 Corona virus catastrophe.


Wednesday (18/3) morning included the following:

- Morrison pulling their Special Dividend

- Centaur Media Pulling their Special Dividend

- Ferrexpo deferring their Final Dividend

- Micro Focus withdrawing their Final Dividend


Today, Thursday (19/3) included the following:

- National express: Monitoring their declared dividend

- Playtech cut their declared dividend

- Portmeiron no final dividend to conserve cash

- NewRiver reit Q4 dividend cut

- Crest Nicholson cut their declared dividend

- Next plc deferred final dividend

- Elementis Cut their declared dividend


We continue to monitor the situation day to day - watch this space.