Dividend declarations are now published every week

October 9, 2018

Woodseer now publishes a weekly list of dividend declarations for all of the indices and exchanges we cover

This includes dividends for all securities belonging to the S&P 500, Russell 3000, FTSE 350, Eurostoxx 600 and more.

The full list of indices covered by Woodseer is here.

If you're interested in wider coverage, everything on the London Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, NYSE plus all the European and Asian exchange are included too.

All exchanges we cover around the globe are listed here.

The declarations are divided into weeks, and you can navigate back to the earliest declarations we cover to 2012. The fiscal year, ex-dividend date and pay date are included, as well as the dividend amount, currency and the yield of that single dividend based on today's share price.

Dividend declarations represent an important aspect of the Woodseer forecasting algorithm and our team of analysts work diligently to ensure all the data we use is accurate.

The Woodseer system captures many more data points than what you see here, including declaration and record dates, adjusted amounts (to account for share splits), frequency, flag and position.

Our database of over half a million declarations is used to power the algorithm to make our dividend forecasts. We have over 125,000 dividend forecasts for more than 20,000 securities in Woodseer.

Customers can access our data through a simple API, FTP transfer or through our website with downloads to Excel.

Please get in touch if you'd like to know more.