Ex-Dividend Date Forecast Accuracy eBook

November 9, 2021

In early October we published an eBook focused on the importance of accurate ex-dividend date (ex-date) forecasts - this is now downloadable from site (see below).

Why did we write this eBook?

For many of our clients - in particular those who are pricing / trading options - our forecast of a security's ex-dividend date is more important even than our amount forecast.

It's essential for these clients (market makers, prop trading firms, hedge funds among others) to have a view on when the ex-div date will fall with reference to the expiry of relevant options.

Forecasting ex-div dates is an area where we excel. We've applied our hybrid algorithm+analyst approach to develop consistent rules for predicting the dates (of all dividends in Woodseer).

In many cases (e.g. over 50% of the Russell 3000) we have a firm rule where we provide our clients with a % confidence score for our ex-div date estimate.

How can I download?

You can download the eBook here - just fill in the details and we'll send you a link right away.

Can I speak with you directly (I can download the eBook later)?

Yes of course: get in touch directly via the live chat feature here on our site, via our email contact@woodseer.global or send us your questions directly here. We'll be in touch promptly and look forward to speaking.

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