Forecast History in the Making: 5+ Years

January 20, 2022

We recently attended a Zoom presentation by Brian Smith, the entrepreneur founder of UGG (maker of the popular boots). Among other pearls of wisdom re the challenges and joys of founding a billion-dollar business, he pointed out how "you can't give birth to adults".

What he means here is that in starting new companies, we inevitably have to start with baby-steps; only with time can we grow through different stages to achieve maturity. This is both obvious and easy to overlook.

We launched our Woodseer hybrid algorithm+analyst dividend forecast product in January 2017 - meaning this month we are enjoying our fifth birthday.

During our first 1-3 years it was impossible for us to sell into quant funds and other firms for whom a minimum of 3-5 years of forecast history is required for backtesting.

These clients require time-series forecast history files to analyse how they would have preformed historically if they'd had our data - and to compare vs. how they did without it. Only then can they move forward with (enough) confidence.

There are firms who require 10+ years of history, so for their business we may have to wait.

For now however, we have grown up and are old enough to deliver 5 years of forecast history - which for many potential clients is considered satisfactory.

For any universe needed we provide a full forecast history file (.csv), which contains every dividend forecast we've made for relevant equities, including forecasts later overwritten.

So - are you certain you're working with the most reliably accurate dividend forecast data?

We're here with 5 years of history, and growing every month: let us know which coverage universe you'd like to explore here, or via