Repeat Business, Low Churn and What We Learn

December 3, 2021

We launched the Woodseer hybrid algorithm+analyst product in January 2017 - 5 years ago now.

We've since grown from zero institutional clients to many ... our dividend forecast data is used by market makers, trading desks, quant funds, prop shops, index providers, custodians and more.

Our average repeat business rate is 98% which raises three interesting questions:

      1) How have we achieved this?

      2) Why isn't it 100%?

      3) What can we learn from this?

So let's explore:

1) How have we achieved this?

The short answer is: consistently reliable data that delivers positive ROI either by:

  • Saving our clients money
  • Assisting our clients with making more money

Our pricing varies from client to client and each will be measuring the returns we give them against their relevant annual outgoing. Whether this is calculated by successful trades, client specific revenue, cost savings over alternative choices or something else - positive ROI is a must for repeat business.

2) Why isn't it 100%?

The clients who discontinue are few in number (...2%). Most we consider as 'natural churn' e.g. they lose a client themselves and no longer require our data; or there is a strategic change in focus which no longer requires dividend predictions. 

We have one client we lost because for the specific universe they were taking, our data was not moving the needle for them - something we took as a learning point and an opportunity.

3) What can we learn from this?

We are doing many things right and our value proposition is strong: accuracy, comprehensiveness, timeliness, flexibility, service levels and price point are well matched.

This in itself is a fantastic platform for growth, and there are of course always improvements to be worked on in the form of:

  • Automated rules for specific countries
  • Inclusion of further underlying datasets
  • Reports and UI updates

Having reached 5 years of Woodseer we thank you all for the continued support over the years - and here's to the next...