W/C 28th October 2019: Tokyo Stock Exchange

November 6, 2019

Last week (w/c 28st October 2019), 7 companies declared dividends with a yield of over 2%

These were:

Good Asset Com Co Ltd: A provider of real estate services, offering mansion estate planning, development, and sales, as well as rent management, real estate consultancy, property and casualty insurance.

Hoshino Resorts: A resorts operator. The Company offers food, accommodation, ski, and other related leisure services. Hoshino Resort also produces and markets beers.

Mirai Corporation: A real estate investment trust company. The Fund mainly invests in office buildings, commercial buildings and hotels.

Nihon House Holdings Co., Ltd: a designer, builder, and seller of wooden houses and condominiums. The Company also performs housing extension and renovation works. Additionally, Higashi operates beer breweries, hotels, and real estate brokerage businesses.

Park24 Co., Ltd: An operator of 24-hour automated parking garages, monthly parking lots, and parking lot administration. The Company also sells parking lot equipment of gate-type and multistory-type such as park lock.

Starts Proceed Investment Co: A real estate investment trust which invests in securitized real estate products. The Company invests in lease real estate properties, short-term leasing apartments, and special feature business hotel.

Tosei Corporation: A developer and seller of residential properties and leases office facilities in central Tokyo. The Company also invests in real estate and manages investment trust funds such as the Argo Fund.

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