Clients & Case-Studies

We speak to new potential clients every week, usually with a wide range of dividend forecasting requirements.

80% of our conversations fit into one of four groups - 20% we group as an ‘other’ use case.

The sample client cases here are the tip of the iceberg - we can happily provide more.

Options Pricing & Trading

A core module of our product is designed for clients pricing and trading options. Being on the right side of the options expiry is essential, and we have particularly strong ex-div date forecasts, delivered with a calculated % confidence score. 

We offer the full US optionable equity universe as a core portfolio - with bottom-up calculated ETF dividend forecast data for 1200 US listed optionable ETFs as a further addition where required.

Beyond this we offer the Europe and AP optionable equity universes, auto-updated to remain current.


Options Market Maker Client

Client: The largest options market maker in the US, executing around one quarter of US listed equity options.

Use-Case: Woodseer data is used primarily for analysis of ex-dividend dates which are correctly determined to fall within or outside the option expiry date. Client teams directly access our analyst team to seek further colour on the rationale for these forecasts where required. 

Results: Working together ongoing since 2018

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Income Planning

Asset Managers, Custodians and Fund Managers use our estimate data to plan anticipated income for portfolios and funds - either for themselves or on behalf of their clients.

With forecasts for over 32k securities Woodseer’s dataset offers broad coverage, strong accuracy and projections running upto 4 full fiscal years ahead.


Asset Servicing Client

Client: The world’s largest custodian and asset servicing company with $2.0 trillion AUM.

Use-Case: Our dividend projections are used to offer guidance to downstream clients (fund managers) on dividend payments within a specified time period. We were contracted after extensive testing demonstrated Woodseer’s prediction accuracy across a required universe of securities in over 30 countries across 5 continents.

To better provide our data we built a customised interface for this client to enter the required holdings for estimate output in the format required by their clients. Additionally the client teams have direct access to our analyst team to ask for clarification regarding specific estimate amounts and dates.

Results: Working together ongoing since 2017

“Intraday updates are a USP for us”
Senior Quant, Delta One Desk, Investment bank

Stock Selection & Evaluation

Our data is used by a growing number of Systematic, Quant and Discretionary funds clients who use our predictive data for analysis and trading. For these clients both our amount and date estimates add value and extensive back-testing is required before go-ahead.

Woodseer has over 6 years of back-testable forecast history available (from January 2017 to present day). For many clients a minimum of 3-4 years’ (often more) history is required so we are comfortably able to demonstrate our data's value. 

Artboard – 16-1

Systematic Trading Client

Client: Systematic arm of US hedge fund with over $20 billion AUM.

Use-Case: This client was seeking an edge in Korea and after back-analysis of our Korean coverage chose to go forward. Our data is used as one feed (among many) into their systematic model. All Woodseer clients have direct access to our analysts tho generally we do not receive many requests for further colour from our systematic fund clients.

Results: Working together ongoing since 2020

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Index Calculation

Some of the world’s largest index providers and exchanges use our forward dividend data in calculating their indices. Our unparalleled coverage allows us to go both broad and deep and we offer flexibility around the timing and regularity of our data delivery.

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Index Provider Client

Client: Global index provider, subsidiary of a major stock exchange established in the 1800s.

Use-Case: The client required forecasts covering 4,000 securities across two of Asia Pacific’s most developed markets. Following rigorous back-tesing we implemented access via both FTP and a custom developed interface.

Results: Working together ongoing since 2018

Further Use Cases

Beyond those above, we have clients consuming our dividend estimate data for a number of other uses.

Further applications of our prediction data include risk management, tax planning, research, modelling and redisplay to retail users (behind paywall only).

We are flexible in working with all requirements and most budgets - contact us to discuss your specific need.