Game-Changing Dividend Forecast Data

Accurate, reliable, real-time dividend forecasting - equities and ETFs, every market globally.
  • 100% success rate on direct API comparison trials vs. our peers
  • 98% average client retention since launch in 2017
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed - ask us how


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Dividend Forecasting - accuracy at scale, as it should be

Woodseer's hybrid approach gives accuracy at scale. Our algorithm+analyst methodology combines the best of human and machine intelligence. Trusted by the world's biggest and best firms, this is the data you're looking for.



Options Pricing & Trading

Precise ex-date and amount projections for Market Makers, Hedge Funds and Options Analytics firms

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Income Planning

Wide coverage and strong accuracy for Asset Managers and Custodians
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Stock Selection & Evaluation

Intraday low-latency updates for Systematic, Quant and Discretionary Funds

Index Calculation

Comprehensive coverage and reliability for Index Providers and Exchanges
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... And More ...

Multiple forecasting use cases for Buyside, Wealth Management, Retail, Fintech ...

What's the Value of Being 5% Ahead on Accuracy?

And what's the cost of being 5% behind?

Unlike our peers at Bloomberg and IHS Markit, we are specialists in dividend forecast data. This is the only thing we do.

We believe this should give us an edge - our clients say it does give them an edge.

We calculate forecast data for thousands of equities and ETFs globally - with a wide set of features:

  • All dividend types and frequencies
  • Intraday updates
  • Machine-readable, highly structured output
  • Access via API, FTP, S3, log-in and third-parties
Get in touch to learn about our free 30 or 90 day trials.
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Is Woodseer the world’s most accurate dividend estimate data?

Well let’s just say every company that's done our 3 month direct API comparison trial is now a client.

This is true for everyone who's ingested and used our data in this way, with a specific goal in mind. All have rolled directly into a contract - whether as primary supplier or a supplementary source.

Explore our free trialling options

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The Alternative Dividend Forecast Dataset

Dividend forecast data isn’t new - but our hybrid methodology is. Our algo+analyst technique is the modern way to create this data - and delivers the ‘unfair advantage’ we have over our peers.

Designed and built since 2016, with single-minded focus on just one thing, our tech and our data are unparalleled.

While some define us as ‘alternative data’ - our results define us simply as the alternative.

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New Offer for Bloomberg Users

Dividend Forecasting is a small part of Bloomberg’s business - for us it's 100%. So it’s no surprise that many of our clients are also using Bloomberg.

We are often contacted by clients requiring more than a standard offering. Whether it's accuracy, timeliness, responsiveness or flexibility, some clients know when they need more.

To help Bloomberg customers, we offer a 15% discount (in year 1) to Bloomberg Terminal Users or Bloomberg Dividend Forecast (BDVD) customers.

Bloomberg can rightly be proud of their "500+ products" - we are very proud of our 1.

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A Challenge to IHS Markit Clients

IHS Markit provide data and services to more than 50,000 customers. We don't. We provide specialised, timely dividend forecast data to clients requiring a specific edge - clients who need the best. 

In fact, one of our sweet-spots is clients who are actively seeking this edge - whether in accuracy, timeliness, flexibility or pricing.

As far as we can tell, the Markit offering is good - but from our clients (some being former or current Markit clients) we know ours is great.

Why not take a free 30 or 90 day trial and see for yourself?

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Successfully serving some of the world’s most respected banks, funds and index providers globally

Our dividend prediction data is used by clients across the world in every market for:

  • Options pricing, trading, market making and analytics
  • Income and tax planning; early exercise analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Trading (quant/systematic/discretionary)
  • Redistribution to retail users
  • Index calculation 

Find out why these clients retain us ongoing, year in year out. 

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On track

Woodseer stays on track throughout the COVID pandemic

The COVID pandemic led to sudden and meaningful changes - many of these literally unpredictable. Woodseer’s estimate data accuracy stayed on track throughout. 

As the first lockdowns were implemented many companies cancelled or delayed their dividends. Moving through 2020, many companies in less-affected industries moved to reinstate. 

Woodseer’s accuracy throughout 2020 and into 2021 has continued to provide the highest standards in dividend forecasting accuracy.

Alongside this we adapted to focus also on timeliness in capturing and publishing all updates to our projections and cancellation / reinstatement of dividends.

We’d be delighted to have our prediction data compared to our peers Bloomberg and IHS Markit. Please request a free 90-day trial.


Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Dividend estimates, dividend predictions, future dividends, forward dividends - however you refer to our data, it’s accuracy and reliability that counts. 

We don’t have a crystal ball - neither do our peers - and nobody is right all of the time. 

What we do have is a total dedication to being as good as we can possibly be, as often as we can be - and we work constantly towards this goal.

Consistent with this we offer all of our clients a 3 month cancellation clause. This is not ‘no questions asked’ because we would ask one question: “where did we go wrong?”

Happily no clients have taken this option - which gives us all the more confidence in offering it.