About Us

We’re Woodseer - we forecast dividend dates, amounts and other estimate data - which we sell to the world’s largest banks, funds and market makers.

Dividend forecasting is our total focus since 2011: after five years of manual forecasting, we launched our hybrid ‘algorithm+analyst’ product in 2016.

Since then we’ve grown steadily in size and reputation - our clients love our data accuracy, coverage, flexibility and support.

“The best ex-div date forecasts we’ve ever seen”
Head of Research, Proprietary trading firm

Why Woodseer?

Today we believe Woodseer is the World’s premium dividend forecast dataset.

We currently enjoy an average 96% repeat business rate each year - and very high sign-up rates by clients conducting direct API comparison trials vs. our peers.

We achieve this through a relentless focus on excellence - itself enabled by our decision to specialise on dividend forecasting alone.






Accuracy is our core metric – both our bread and butter and our speciality. Our hybrid approach fuses a proprietary algorithm, live since 2016, with our dedicated analyst team.

This is our ‘unfair advantage’ and remains the foundation for our past, current and ongoing success.



Time = money and we consistently update as quickly as we can. All updates are published live in our system intraday – both for declarations and amends to our prediction data.

More timely data allows earlier / faster decision-making and is one of the edges we provide to our clients.



We offer total flexibility in the coverage required – by ISIN list, index constituents, or by country.

We offer API (Push or Restful), FTP, S3 and/or login access. Beyond this we can build custom reports and interfaces, so ask away.

We are small enough to offer a customised service, and large enough to deliver.


Comprehensive Coverage

We have over 200k+ securities in our system, with  estimate data for over 32,000 - including equities, ADRs and ETFs.

In practice almost no clients require this much and across our client base the median average is ~3500  securities per client.

This breadth of coverage offers benefits all the same - we have over 20,000 securities that are in at least one client portfolio.


Efficiency / Value

We are a tech business at heart, which means our operations are super efficient and they scale as they should. We've grown Woodseer with the most modern, lean approach and we have relatively low marginal cost to serve new clients.

We look to pass these efficiencies on to our clients in terms of pricing - we aim to literally provide the best for less.

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Our Team

As with every business – tech or otherwise – it’s people and the dynamic between them that drives success. Since our acquisition by OptionMetrics two of Woodseer’s three co-founders are still involved to this day, bringing a diverse and complimentary set of skills and experience, both fully supported by and integrated with the OptionMetrics team.

Mark Riding
Head of Research

Mark started his career in 1985 as an Investment Analyst and later a Fund Manager. After moving into financial systems he worked in London for 12 years at Dresdner Kleinwort as a VP and later as a Director at Commerzbank.

He left in 2011 to found Investment Tools, later launching our Woodseer product in 2016.

Mark is responsible for Woodseer's content, overseeing the analyst and research team, and all forecast data and coverage.

Ed Dean
Head of Business Development

Ed spent five years with research and digital agencies in London before relocating to Shanghai where he co-founded a leading retail data company, growing it over ten years to a team of 45 with clients including Apple, Disney, Gap and Travelex.

Since 2016 Ed is responsible for Woodseer's client and partner relationships, overseeing client services, business development and growth - and initiating Woodseer's acquisition by OptionMetrics in March 2023.

“Having reviewed this data it’s a no-brainer for us to go forward”
Equity Derivatives Group, Investment bank

Starting with, or switching to Woodseer

We pride ourselves on speed of implementation and can set-up access for new clients (through whatever ingestion process) in under 5 minutes. Likewise we can send samples immediately and can turnaround NDAs within a day. With every new client it’s the discussions, trialling (where required), legals and back and forth that take time – so we are set up to work at your pace – however fast you need to move.
We work with clients both new to dividend forecast data and those experienced with data from one (or even both) of our peers. In many cases we are the client’s Primary source of dividend estimates, and in others we're contracted as a Supplementary source.  We are happy either way – our goal is to create the best dividend prediction data we can and to share this value as widely as we can.

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