Woodseer Global Dividend Forecasting

Data Specification & Features


Woodseer uses a hybrid algorithm+analyst approach to forecast dividend amounts and dates with full global coverage - for all publicly listed equities, ADRs and ETFs. This methodology will always be the most up-to-date, modern approach to dividend forecasting: combining the best of human and machine intelligence to deliver accuracy at scale.

Global Coverage

Woodseer offers dividend forecast data for over 32,000 securities, across 5800+ indices in 100+ countries.

This includes equities, ADRs and ETFs (specifically we offer bottom-up calculated dividend forecast data for 1400+ ETFs).

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The Woodseer dataset is available directly via API (Restul or Push), FTP flat-file, S3, and/or via site login. Additionally clients can consume via Woodseer partners including FactSet, Morningstar, CRUX, IEX Cloud and ULTUMUS.

All updates to estimates and declarations are intraday and are published live in the system immediately with very low latency.

Additionally we can provide email alerts and build customer interfaces as required.

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Permissioning is customised on a client-by-client basis and can be set up by ISIN list, by country, with reference to constituents consistent with certain indices, or by ‘type’ e.g. optionable.

Data is provided from a single source, with different security types (e.g. equities and ETFs) provided together.

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The hybrid algorithm+analyst approach delivers accuracy at scale. Specific dividend accuracy metrics vary across different markets and indices, and our headline accuracy numbers are:

  • 80% of forecast amounts are exact or within 10%
  • 80% of forecast ex-div dates are exact or within 7 days

Prediction accuracy 6 months out is marginally improved 1 month out, and our clients have noted we have strong stability of forecasts 6 to 12 months out (vs. our peers).

Our partner FactSet compared Woodseer projections against their own consensus street estimates, showing a 69% win rate for Woodseer across eight quarters.

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History & Trialling

The Woodseer dataset runs from January 2017 forward, providing over 7 years of history of our global coverage.

We have full historical forecast files available for back-testing - these are point-in-time and contain every forecast made for any specific universe, including projections that were later overwritten.

Additionally we offer direct API / FTP access trials for comparison with internal or our peers' forecast data.

Ask us about taking a trial.

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Forecast Horizon

Our dividend forecast data output runs 4 full fiscal years ahead for all securities within 30 major indices, incorporating the most highly liquid equities globally.

For less-liquid names outside of these core indices our dividend projections run two full fiscal years ahead as standard.

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