Bloomberg vs Markit/S&P vs Woodseer

Choosing the right dividend forecasting provider will benefit you greatly. This page compares the three providers of global dividend forecast data – Woodseer Global, Bloomberg and Markit/S&P – to help you choose the dataset and provider that’s best for your use case.

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There are many approaches to forecasting dividend data; Woodseer, Bloomberg and Markit/S&P are the three providers with a product offering global coverage. All three provide comprehensive data (in terms of data fields etc.) and choice over the ingestion method. However, the differences start to emerge when you look at how the three products have been built, and how that foundation contributes to factors such as accuracy, coverage, flexibility and timeliness.

This page will help you understand the differences between the Woodseer, Bloomberg (BDVD) and Markit/S&P offerings, so you can choose the best provider for your requirement.

What does Woodseer do?

Woodseer is a specialist dividend forecast data provider that calculates dividend amounts, dates and other fields to help clients perform better with either their own or their clients’ goals in mind. It provides a single dataset that empowers your teams to make better dividend-informed decisions and with greater confidence.

Woodseer is a hybrid system comprising software built in-house on one code base, with a core team of specialist dividend analysts and engineers.

What do Bloomberg and Markit/S&P do?

Bloomberg and Markit/S&P are global financial services industry businesses providing a multitude of information, data, reports and services for their clients across many sectors.

They have successfully grown to over 20,000 and 35,000 staff respectively, and in each case the dividend forecast date offering exists as one among many products and has been built up gradually, either organically or through acquisition.

“The best ex-div date forecasts we’ve ever seen”
Head of Research, Proprietary trading firm

Capabilities & Considerations


whitelogo New_Bloomberg_Logo



32,000+ 8,000+ 28,000+
  Updates Intraday, published live Intraday (via terminal) Daily via loader; or via feed
  Accuracy 80% of amount forecasts exact or within 10%

'Accurate 73% of the time'

No claims made publicly
  Direct Delivery Data feed (API, FTP) and/or website login Terminal, data feed Loader, data feed
Delivery via third-party Yes No No
  Methodology Hybrid algorithm+analyst approach Analyst team

Global team of dividend analysts using forecasting framework and alternative data  

  Forecast horizon

Upto 4 full fiscal years 3 years 5 years

Dividend Forecast Specialist

Yes No No

Caveat – Woodseer may not be the product that everyone is looking for.

Our peers Bloomberg or Markit/S&P may be more suitable where the following are key considerations:

10 years

Over 10+ years of history. Woodseer history runs from January 2017 so as of summer 2021 we have 5.5+ years of back-testable prediction history. Our peers can provide 10+ years of history where this is essential.
Artboard – 5

Ingestion via an existing relationship with one of our peers. Woodseer’s estimate data is not available on the Bloomberg platform or via Markit/S&P. Our data is available direct and via partner platforms including FactSet, Morningstar, CRUX and ULTUMUS.

Complex interface and analytics. We view our data as ideally consumed via API, FTP or S3 directly into our client’s system and we are focused principally on data quality (accuracy, timeliness, comprehensiveness) with less focus on interface or the presentation of our data.
“Having reviewed this data it’s a no-brainer for us to go forward”
Equity Derivatives Group, Investment bank

Starting with, or switching to Woodseer

We pride ourselves on simplicity of trialling and speed of implementation. We can set-up access for new clients (through whatever ingestion process) in under 5 minutes. Likewise we can send prediction samples immediately and can turnaround NDAs within a day. With every new client it’s the discussions, trialling, legals and back and forth that take time – so we are set up to work at your pace – however fast you need to move.
We work with clients who are both new to dividend forecast data and who are experienced with data from one (or even both) of our peers. In some cases we start as a client’s Primary source of dividend projection data, and we know in other cases we are working as a Supplementary source alongside our peers.  We are happy either way – our goal is to create the best data we can and to share this as widely as we can.

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